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      Precision error correction system

      1¡¢the machine uses intelligent systems, precision packaging control.
      2¡¢integrated smoke posture adjustment of smoke separation technology, high-speed imaging technology, high-speed fill light technology, image recognition technology, sensor control technology, mechanical transmission technology, database technology Cigarette brand as one of the high-end systems.
      3¡¢as amended, rich smoke identification database, and has new entry function, the operation is quite simple and very intuitive.
      4¡¢the real-time image verification, error real-time alarm, effective solution to the sorting line as a result of labor-intensive, relying on labor and simple counting function check deficiencies, to achieve a real-time online order brand automatic check feature.
      5¡¢with a high degree of compatibility, modular upgrade, just on the structure of materials can be modified to achieve this function, the overall performance is stable and reliable!
      Technical Parameters
      1¡¢ the device power supply: 38V
      2¡¢ the device Power: 300W
      3¡¢ ambient temperature :0-60 degrees
      4¡¢ the recognition speed :7-10 / sec
      5¡¢ the operating system environment: support for XP, 2000
      6¡¢ the camera can store or upload cigarettes
      7¡¢ more than 20 hours of continuous work time
      8¡¢ with alarm output and query capabilities;
      9¡¢ IPC control, monitoring of the quantity of cigarettes and brand
      10¡¢ identify the different brands and sizes of smoke
      11¡¢ the brand does not meet the automatic alarm
      12¡¢ adapted to the maximum size (L * W * H): 450 * 286 * 245. (1 to 30) / packet identification

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